strumenti_6_MSC suite

MSC™ suite including: Nastran™, Patran™, Marc™, Adams™

The MSC™ suite has been for decades one of the world’s most advanced and renowned software suites.
Adams is the world’s no. 1 MultiBody software and our long experience using it allows us to offer you advanced kinematic and dynamic analysis to meet your requirements.

Patran is a powerful preprocessor for finite-element models and a postprocessor for results. Nastran is one of the world’d most powerful solvers.
Marc allows us to run high-level non-linear contact analysis to meet your more sophisticated needs.


Strand7™: Finite Element Analysis

Finite-element analysis software allowing us to build FE models, solve analyses and assess results.

Strand7 affords us the capability to conduct quantitative studies of phenomena and issues of different kinds (structural,  thermal or thermo-mechanical analyses, analyses of innovative materials, analyses of static and dynamic transients) relevant to a wide range of applications.

Moreover, the flexibility of Strand7 allows us to gauge the level of detail so as to customize our analyses to the specific requirements of each single project.


FlexPro™: Sampled data Post-Processing

Software for the analysis and postprocessing of experimental data and signals.
FlexPro  allows us to import raw signals of any kind and process them (through filtering, extrapolation of significant values, frequency analysis)  into signals meeting the relevant international standards and the customer’s specific requirements.
FlexPro also enables us to validate the results of analytical calculation through comparison with experimental data, which puts us in a position to offer you comprehensive assistance along the procedure leading to the certification of a machine or plant and in the management of any technical issues raised by control authorities.


KISSsoft™: Calculation programs for machine design

Software for the calculation of mechanical components: pinned and bolted joints, gears and racks, shafts and bearings, belt drives, brakes and frictions.

The use of KISSsoft makes the calculation process – however complex and advanced – speedier and more reliable, which enables us to optimally design mechanical components to match project objectives and improve potentially critical design solutions. Through KISSsoft we provide you with first-class technical assistance meeting the most updated standard requirements.


Autodesk™: 2D Drawings

Solidworks™: 3D Solid Modeler & Shop Drawings

Two very well-known and popular software suites.

These tools enable us to keep in constant touch with our customers receiving, analyzing and exchanging any kind of 2D and 3D industrial technical drawing files. Feedback with our customers can thus be prompt and accurate and variants can be suggested for the whole project or parts of it in the formats most suitable for each particular requirement or situation.


Rhinoceros™: 3D Solid and Surface Modeler

This is software for 3D solid and surface modelling.

Its flexible and user-friendly interface makes Rhinoceros an ideal tool for constructing the geometry of calculation models. Once the design objectives have been defined and agreed upon, a strategy is selected for the study of each structure or component. It is at this stage that Rhinoceros enables us to choose between alternative modelling approaches in our analysis: we can either take a general approach focusing on significant results to be reached in the short term or opt for more advanced, detailed and result-oriented modelling strategies.


Home made custom software

Ad hoc implemented software which is customized to make calculation procedures more flexible to meet the requirements of each particular customer.

This software suite is among our team’s favourite tools as it makes us ever ready to give you exactly the answer you need in the short term. We are equipped to assist you all along the process of designing your structure  and suggest safe and functional solutions meeting all the requirements set by cogent international standards.


Lord Microstrain G-Link-LXRS-Wireless Accelerometer Node

This sensor allows us to perform simultaneous high precision data collection from a triaxial acceleration field through high frequency sampling. The investigation range is within ±10g.

Among the outstanding features of this sensor are its wireless communication with the base station and its internal memory, both guaranteeing maximum precision of the data collected. We are thus confident in offering you service covering accelerometric measurements to be performed on dynamic applications over large open spaces, plus measurements of  vibrations, oscillations and inclinations.


Strain Gauges, Strain Gauge Rosettes, HBM Strain Gauge and Tool Application Kit

Uniaxial strain gauges allow us to measure strain and stress on a given component along a significant direction; rosettes are suitable for measuring triaxial stress fields where we have no prior knowledge of the main stress directions.

Measurement uncertainty is lower than 1-3% of the measured value.

Our expert engineers specializing in experimental data collection are well equipped to identify optimal locations for measurement and sensor application.


Lord Microstrain V-Link-LXRS Strain Gauge Acquisition Node Wireless 7 Channel Analog Input Sensor Node

An acquisition node for strain gauge signals allows us to sample up to 4 channels simultaneously. Ease in wiring and SDA’s proven procedures guarantee maximum efficiency in performing sampling sessions aimed at each customer’s objectives.

Wireless communication with the base station allows us to offer you advanced service for strain and stress measurement in dynamic applications over large open spaces.


Metrologic measurement equipment

This is a set of tools for geometric measurements to be performed on components of a machine or system. The geometrical data thus sampled are complementary to the other experimental measurements and complete the body of information that we need in order to carry out an as-is analysis of a structure, a diagnosis of structural or functional problems and a stress analysis based upon on-field sampled data.


GoPro Hero 5 Black Multimedial On-Field Reportage

This cutting-edge video-camera enables us to acquire high-quality (up to 4K resolution) photographic technical documentation of potentially critical details in your applications.

We can also shoot on-board video clips of the dynamic operative cycle of a machine or system. By synchronizing the video clips with the sampled strain, stress and acceleration signals, we offer you the chance of creating powerfully explanatory synoptic representations of the relevant dynamic phenomena.

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