We are leaders in the design of high performance dynamic structures. Through our 30-year experience in structural design and analysis, cineto-dynamics, FEM, fatigue and multi-physics, we can help you design and optimize your product from the earliest stage of its conception.


Structural analysis

Structural analysis allows us to assess the stress and strain conditions on the different components of a machine subject to working loads. By relying on extremely accurate  calculation we can guarantee optimization of the structure’s design by eliminating oversizing and structural excess. The final result is both maximum safety of the machine or plant and minimum costs for production and maintenance.


Multi-body analysis

Multi-body analysis allows us to assess the dynamic behaviour of a cinematic chain of rigid or flexible bodies. By means of advanced computational software we can simulate the structure’s motion in order to assess its working loads, requested motion power, accelerations, velocities and motion path. The simulation allows us to help you assess the dynamics of the system as early as the design stage.


Design review

In order to increase the performances of your product or industrial plant (weight reduction, safety enhancement, detection of potentially critical sites) we can support you throughout the analysis of the project by helping you identify improvement areas. Our experience in calculation and analysis enables us to faithfully simulate the system’s physics and cooperate with you in optimizing your project.


In order to make sure that your plant or structure is keeping its structural integrity over the years, or if you need to modify any structures to meet the new safety standards, you can ask us to support you with revamping activities. Starting from a detailed status-quo analysis, relying on advanced computational techniques and complying with any required standards, we can offer you revamping solutions for any existing structures.


Experimental data collection

In order to measure significant physical data for your application, we can assess the structural behaviour of any of your working machines by acquiring and analysing all relevant data (speed, acceleration, strain field). The outcome can be targeted to measurement purposes and/or usher further calculation.


Engineering advice

We can offer you multi-discipline advice. From an initial feasibility study to the final executive design, we can assist you along the various steps of shop drawings, structural calculation, material specification standards, seismic and environmental load assessment. All design choices will be validated through experimental performance measurements. Finally, our familiarity with international standards enables us to support you through all the stages of contractual negotiation with the final customer.


Advice on certification processes

If you need to certify your product or industrial plant with a recognized certification authority, we can support you throughout the process by drawing up a study of the reference standard, a design review of your project and the required calculation report. Having long been familiar with international standards, we can rely on customized software specifically aimed at implementing those relative to the sector. We also provide our assistance in the management and resolution of any technical issues raised by certification authorities.

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